Puget Patent Services

A patent is a set of exclusive property rights issued to the inventor by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for new and useful inventions or discoveries. These can be processes, machines, compositions of matter, or articles of manufacture. New and useful improvements are also potentially patentable.

In addition to the preparation of applications for United States, foreign and international patents, Puget Patent offers clients:

  • Patentability Searches – perform searches and provide meaningful feedback on the patentability of a client’s invention. Puget Patent’s professional opinion can help a client consider the probability of receiving patent protection and determine the next appropriate steps in preparation, filing and prosecution of a patent application.
  • Assignments - in conjunction with preparation and filing of a patent application, drafting and recording of assignments.
  • Customized Service – provide specific service and counseling to address each client’s individual patent needs. Puget Patent can work within a variety of budgets and deadlines to provide excellent customer service tailored with each client’s goals in mind.

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