2015 Patent Statistics – Bellevue Accounts For 0.63 Percent of All U.S. Patents Issued in 2015

Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued 324,394 utility and design patents in calendar year 2015. Of those, 8605 issued patents named at least one inventor residing in the State of Washington.

Cities in the Puget Sound region were well represented among the totals. Residents of Bellevue were named on 2044 patents, for example. Near Bellevue, the city of Redmond can boast about 2135 patents being issued in 2015 which named an inventor-resident of that city. In fact, one patent out of every 152 which is issued by the USPTO includes a Redmond resident as an inventor.

Woodinville and Medina are notable because of their high rate of patent issuance when compared to the population of those cities. For example, one patent issued for every 24 Woodinville residents. That’s a substantially higher rate than the rate for U.S. residents as a whole, where a patent issues for every 1,964 residents. The rate is even better for Medina, where one patent issued in 2015 for every 23 residents of the city.

Residents of the city of Seattle were named on 3781 patents in 2015, representing 1.17% of the total number of patents issued. Put another way, one patent out of every 86 names a resident of Seattle as an inventor.

Other Puget Sound region cities with residents to whom patents were issued include:

Kirkland 1196

Sammamish 914

Issaquah 487

Bothell 478

Mercer Island 371

Renton 313

Tacoma 161

Kent 140

Shoreline 139

Kenmore 119

Newcastle 111

Auburn 100

All population data utilized in the above statistics were taken from either the U.S. Census Bureau state population estimates as of 7/1/15 or the Washington Office of Financial Management city population estimates as of 4/1/15. The issued patent totals above include utility and design patents, but do not include plant patents, reissue patents, statutory invention registrations, or defensive publications.

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