Client Testimonials

Read what clients have to say about working with Puget Patent and patent agent Michael Gibbons…

Michael Gibbons was actually referred to me by another patent professional, which I took as a good sign. I wasn't disappointed. He heard me out on what I was trying to accomplish, brought up issues which I would have stumbled over later, and guided me through the process.

It was clear from his later questions that not only did he understand, but was researching the area quite a bit. He produced an application that I believe will protect my work, and made it painless to accomplish. I would recommend him to anyone looking to pursue a patent, as he makes it a smooth and simple experience.

– Jim Mooney, Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Seattle, WA
Inventor, U.S. Patent 8905954

My experience with Michael was excellent. After meeting Michael, I was immediately at ease. He was easy to "connect" with, he understood me. He didn't talk over my head and answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand.

I would highly recommend Michael Gibbons to anyone who is looking to file a patent. The process could not have been easier and I know he has my best interests at heart.

Canyon Park Dental, Bothell, WA

– Eric P. Weller DDS, Canyon Park Dental, Bothell, WA
Inventor, U.S. Patent 8734321

I now have a patent on my invention, thanks to the help I received from Michael Gibbons. Mike’s knowledge of the patenting process was evident from the start, and as we worked together on my application I came to appreciate his hard work and dedication. Mike has a skill when working with his clients that produces results; he coached me to come up with ideas I had not previously considered, which he then used to eventually obtain the patent allowance.

I was also pleased that the meter did not start running with my first conversations with Mike. I was able to discuss my idea and get Mike’s opinion on patentability and possible strategy options before any mention of his fee.

I will definitely return to Mike for any future patent advice, and would recommend him to others seeking a capable patent agent and valuable ally.

– Bill Wells, Olympia WA
Inventor, U.S. Patent 7971611

Mr. Michael Gibbons is quite frank in approach. His timely response is something to be experienced. He values time and inventors. His commitment is very good. Being an Indian, I got stuck up with USPTO on procedures and formalities. To me he was an angel in time.

– S. Venkatraman, Chennai, India
Inventor, U.S. Patent 8011870; Indian Patent 044 007387

I am a design engineer and have spent my life designing and detailing parts and assemblies for production. All of my experience however is a detriment to the patent application process. I had tried legal templates in the past but being too close to my designs it was impossible for me to simply describe them. I hired Michael Gibbons to help me apply for a patent. Mike was able to look at my design, question me and write a legal document in the required format. In my case I was able to provide the support drawings he needed. I would recommend using Mike's services as a Patent Agent to anyone. I found him knowledgeable, honest and thorough. I feel he has saved me a great deal of time and money.

– Rob Drew, Inventor, Vancouver, WA
Inventor, U.S. Patent 9038780

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